magichosts the HOSTS file and firewall protection against malware DNS and IP's

This is the v0.3 beta release of magichosts (2016-03-19)

Please report any bugs by email to

Some anti-virus may warn about the download (AVAST will do). If so, download the zip file instead and execute it after it. analysis on
The anti-virus Qihoo-360 has flagged my program at "HEUR/QVM03.0.0000.Malware.Gen". I've sent them an email, so let's wait the answer.

Download the setup at

Download the ZIP setup at

New youtube video that explains how to use magichosts

2016-03-19 you can now run magichosts with admin rights and pass the paramter /autoupdate for a silent full update; or schedule a task (will have auto schedule soon)
2016-03-19 added many DNS and IP to block; added option Filter to search for HOSTS DNS that you might wanna see if they are being blocked
2016-03-18 updates: many new DNS and IP's to block the new malware and ramsonware
2016-03-18 now recognizes format, where you can say how many bits is the IP lenght, this case 23

magichosts has two ways to protect your system: by blocking DNS on the HOSTS file and by adding selected IP's to your Windows Firewall

How to use magic hosts?

HOSTS file protection

1 - Press "Download HOSTS files from sources" to get the lastes versions of DNS that you're about to block

2 - Press "Update HOSTS" to create a combined version of all selected sources

Windows firewall protection

3 - Press "Download firewall files from sources" to get the lastes versions of IP's that you're about to block

4 - Press "Update firewall" and the program will add firewall rules to block those IP's, either IN and OUT.

You can also press the blue sources to select and deselect. You can edit the sources and add new sources.

NOTE: you have to manual edit the settings.xml file to make changes persist - until I fix that!

You can edit or move the source order.

In the next versions, I want to include also an exception list for personal exclusion, save settings option and an editor to allow manual remove for any emergency.

I hope to release the program as open source, but after I clean up a LOT of code.

The first option that I need to include is a scheduler to allow automatic updates, because the regular user, only updates one time and new threats are comming every day.

This program if free. Maybe in the future I'll make a donation button but for now, this is free. Blocking ads and get protected from malware is right.

Don't forget to use adblockplus or any other ads blocking software.

Also use noscript for the ultimate protection, by allowing only the domains you do need.

Stay safe online.

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